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Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw, founded in 1936, is an internationally operating company specialising in completing turnkey piping projects in the shipbuilding industry. These projects consist of measuring (3D scanning), designing (3D engineering), producing,  installing and commissioning piping systems.

We realise the best piping installations for shipyards by being closely involved in their project from the outset. By being proactive and solution-oriented in the first phase of a project, we help the yard save costs during implementation. We deliver the complete package within an agreed budget and deadline and provide our clients with peace of mind by offering them one point of contact for the entire engine room installation.

In addition, we help ship owners to choose the most suitable Ballast Water Management System to comply with the D-2 Standard. We supervise the complete project and ensure good coordination with all parties involved in the BWMS refit.


We are real doers. We are always there for our clients and think along with them to find a joint solution. Our work includes thorough preparation and we anticipate potential problems by being proactive. Our people have the Northern Dutch down-to-earth mentality. They are real experts in their field and always know how to find a good solution thanks to their no-nonsense approach.


We want to provide shipping companies and shipyards worldwide with the best custom-built piping  installations for their ships. 


Together with our clients, we look for the best piping solution for their project. Your problems are our challenges and inspire us to look for new, reliable, innovative opportunities. With our Northern Dutch can-do approach, we pursue the same goal together with other subcontractors: the best solution and quality for the client at the best possible market-level price level. We are always there for our clients and think along with them to find a joint solution. By proactively thinking along in the project phase, and by offering good service afterwards. 


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