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Stricter Regulations for Sulfur Emissions

From 1 January 2020, strict rules apply with regard to sulfur emissions from ships.

The fuel may only contain 0.5% sulfur, compared to the current 3.5%. This has major consequences for shipping companies. For example ,  adjustments must be made to the ships to comply with these regulations.

Low-sulfur fuel is already mandatory in some shipping areas. The so-called Emission Control Areas (ECAs). This includes the North Sea and (a large part of) the coastline of America, for example.

What are the possible solutions?

There are various options for meeting these new sulfur emission guidelines.

  1. Replacing the current fuel with low sulfur fuel. This is the most simple solution. However, the cost of this fuel is higher.
  2. Have "scrubbers" installed that remove the sulfur from flue gases.  This requires a one-off investment, but the advantage is that the cheaper fuel oil can continue to be used.

It is expected that there will be a huge run on these flue gas installations next year.


Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw specialise in retrofitting these Scrubber installations. An action plan is drawn up in collaboration with the shipping company or owner. After an extensive 3D scan on board, the nominated installation is worked out in detail and prepared for subsequent installation on board.

Working  with the shipping company , the entire process is divided into various and clear steps in order to achieve a transparent process and cost distribution.

This retrofit of the Scrubber installation is often combined with the retrofit of the Ballast Water Treatment System.

How do we operate?

  • 1

    On board recording & 3D laser scan

  • 2

    Concept design engineering & class approval

  • 3

    Detailed engineering & modeling

  • 4

    Procurement & prefabricated piping systems

  • 5


  • 6

    Installation & commissioning

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