TU Delft wins Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Last week the 9th edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge took place. The TU Delft Hydro Motion Team pulled out an excellent performance in the final race: the endurance challenge. As a hydrogen boat competing with mostly electric boats, they won 1st place with a big margin of 7 laps difference! The hydrogen boat covered 51 nautical miles (95 kilometres) by only using eight kilograms of hydrogen. This winning lifted the Hydro Motion Team to 2nd place on the podium in Open Sea Class at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2022!

Wolfard & Wessels has been involved in this project as a partner and is incredibly proud of the achieved result. The team proved that their hydrogen-powered boat can sail efficiently and stably on the open ocean. But moreover, this success underlines that hydrogen could be the future of sustainable shipping.

Using hydrogen as an energy carrier has the benefit that it doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions when used to generate electricity. On top of that hydrogen - when converted by fuel cells - has an energy storage density approximately 235 times larger compared to industry standard lithium ion battery cells. This is a huge advantage when it comes to powering a vessel. 

By working together with the maritime industry itself we can inspire change. We are all part of a problem, which means we can all be part of the solution. Only by working together we can sail to a sustainable future! 

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